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Welcome to the future location of the Practical Real Estate Forum.

This forum will be like no other.  I must admit that I was a forum junkie when I first started learning about real estate investing. 

The problem with real estate forums are that they are primarily a social outlet first with the topic of the forum being social glue.

This real estate investing forum will have both a public forum and an exclusive forum. 

The public forum will discuss the Practical Real Estate System and websites, so that visitors will be able to determine if our products and services are the right fit for them.

The exclusive side of the forum will provide education first and foremost.  The exclusive Practical Real Estate Forum will only be available to customers of our website services, available for a modest monthly fee to those who have bought a Practical Real Estate Product and we will outright charge the others a monthly fee with a 6 month commitment.

The purpose of the forum will to provide accurate answers to questions our members have without all of the distractions and downright distortion found on other real estate forums.

I have found in most forums you have to suspend belief of all answers given until enough answers are filtered to determine the accuracy of the first answer.  What a waste of time!

I also found myself reading threads where a good question was asked and then a great answer was given in between a bunch of pathetic responses.

I have also found that I became distracted by other real estate investor forum threads which completely wasted my time by argueing over whether or not this business is real and what fan-dangled technique works or doesn't work.

So for the Practical Real Estate forum I will bring in enough experts, attorneys, cpas, rehabbers, wholesalers and other veterans that have the knowledge to provide accurate and meaningful advice. 

I will also personally edit and delete all posts that stray from our purpose, so that the chit chat is confined and the advice/answers are succinct, accurate and follow practical real estate advice.

Another benefit that subscribers and customers will receive is access to original marketing and forms to be shared amongst the members.

I will also share all of my favorite vendors and recommendations and the community will be able to add their original materials, forms and contracts.

Thanks, we hope to have the forum developed by October 15th.

Scott Patterson
The Practical Real Estate Guy

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