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Default agents...investors...40 acres in off grid..Northern Cal community

We own..a paid in full 40 acres in northern Cal...must sell for health reasons..we are doing our best to look at all options..including, but not limited to forclosed and bank owned properties...or possible trade...

we would like to find an agent or investor interested in helping us with this tranaction....willing and knowlegable about creative financing...

We are on a fixed income so must be realistic about new purchase..also..SSI requires a turn around after sale be within 3 months..

At the sale of our last property...we found ourselves vertually homeless while living in motels untill we found our current 40 acres..

We dont want to repeat this!

We have been primarily looking for our new home in s.W oregon...Brookings and Cave junction areas...also very north coast of Cal.
Need the most bang for our buck!

Can anyone assist?

This is a link to a site we have put to gether to show our property..not yet listed with agant
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