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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Did I read this right, that you were only able to get one deal in the last year from your site???
Yes on the one deal part, but that was since March of this year, so one for 3.5 months. And that is through the website purely without advertising etc. I buy/wholesale on average 2-3 houses a month. But even if it was a year, monthly cost in Charlotte would be about $60./month so if after one year $720 in low maintenance marketing netted you $5000 on a wholesale or $20,000 on a flip/rehab then that would be a pretty good return.

This website is a tool, and if you don't market your services and do this business as a business, then you will see poor results. I am not here to tell you or try and sell you the idea that if you spend $3000 setup and a few hundred a month on a website that somehow you will become a real estate mogul as seen on TV.

My site name is because I am practical and I live and work in the real world, not seminar land, which i don't mean to trash, because I like to visit there as well and have learned and apply a great deal the knowledge I have learned in seminars.

I have priced the site low so you can budget your marketing money the way you see fit. I also want longevity, consistency, and for people to feel comfortable using the name as their own website, so we all benefit.

Take a look at the competition.

1. You will notice that the other sites have huge turnover, and that even the ones that have been around for 5+ years still are far from being sold out.

2. Very few of them give you a page that you have control over and can personalize.

3. Some will charge you per lead that you receive, (definitely no loyalty or incentive to market that name)

More to this answer, and I will finish later, but need to run for now.

Also, I would like to know the differences in Practical Real Estate and Cash Home Buyers. Differences besides price and which one works for what needs.
The website is an individual website where you supply the name and we will upload our website for you- an example is here-

For most people I would recommend if their territory is available as you get to use a great name, get marketing materials and you will get some "organic" leads.

For you get your own page like seen here Charlotte Cash Home Buyers
and you have complete control of this page to personalize, and the website is controlled by the zip codes, so no matter where someone is on the site the affiliate will receive all of the leads that has their zip codes as the house's location.
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