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Domain Leasing  

According to statistics compiled by Name Intelligence, Inc. and listed at, there are 30 million active dot-com domain names.  Tens of thousands of new ones are registered each day.  And those numbers do not even include less popular—but still actively traded—top level names like .org and .biz, whose number collectively total in the millions.

Will the domain you want to register for you business be available?  Maybe, or maybe not, depending on how common your business name is. 

Value of High Quality Domain Names 

What is the value of a domain name?  Not such an easy question to answer.

When estimating the value of a domain name, the first thing a company owner must consider is the value of the customer.  How much is the one customer worth?  Multiply that by ten or twenty…and it really adds up

How to Select a Domain Name

If you are undecided about which domain name to use, or have to settle for something less than your first choice, your main concern should be on choosing a domain name that is memorable, easy to say, and easy to spell.  If is taken, then,,, and are worthy alternatives to consider. 

Facts to consider when selecting a domain name:

  • Is the name easy for the customer to remember?  A good domain name in a print ad will catch the reader’s eye and be easier to remember.
  • Is it relevant to your business?
  • Is it easy to say?
  • Does the name have any hyphens in it?  Leave out hyphens, especially if you hope to send a lot of traffic to your site from phone calls or via your outgoing voice mail message.  Web surfers have long since gotten used to the Web’s peculiar grammar, so don’t feel compelled to replace spaces in your business name with a hyphen.  That little horizontal bar looks small and innocuous, but it take almost  twice as long to say a domain name with one than it does to say a domain name without one.   Try it: Say,”” and “".
  • Try to find a name that matches or complements your business name.  Your main marketing goal with your business should always be to promote its name.  If the name of your business is too general, (like AAA Painting) and the website name is taken, try to select a name that complements a unique feature of your business or a marketing slogan that your business is known for.  For example, our friends at AAA Painting are known for handling painting projects without hassles, so a good website name for them would be Or a carpet cleaner would be served well to use  If you use this approach, make sure that you select a name (and marketing slogan) that you are prepared to live with for a long time.  In other words, really think it through.
  • Does it effectively represent the service you offer or product you sell?
  • Does it have a “dot-com” extension?  While .net, .info, and .us are worth considering the “dot-com” extension is still the most frequently used extension.
  • Leave out extraneous filler terms like inc, co, llc, and assoc.  The .com is short for commercial, so the extra corporate affirmation is redundant.
  • Direct Navigation - Can a user type your domain name extension directly into their browser and reach your site without even searching?
  • Search engines tend to more readily pick-up keyword rich domains, which will result in your ad
    showing-up more frequently.
  • It can be tricky to find a name that relates to your business without being too long to understand.
  • Avoid long acronyms.  Four letters is about as many as I can remember when a company has reduced its website address to an unfamiliar acronym—and I may not remember them in the correct order.  A Physician’s practice in Las Vegas called the Center for Diseases and Surgery of the Spine has a website at  A better choice would have been

What Are Your Competitors Doing? 

  • Are your competitors currently using the internet to market?
  • What domain names are they using?
  • Would your target audience choose your domain name over theirs?

A Reason to Move Fast… 
  • There is a limited supply of quality unique domain names.
  • As more and more people choose to work from home, the demand has increased for domain names.
  • Geography based names frequently used in the Real Estate market are being snapped-up quickly and are frequently searched on by Real Estate Shoppers.  Particularly in high-demand markets.

Other Considerations

  • You can use your domain name to host email addresses
  • Make sure your web host enables connections to your site both with the “www” and without before  printing your domain name on business cards, brochures and other collateral material.

Why You Should Purchase More Than One?

In addition to your main website address, you might also consider registering alternative addresses. 
Here are some ideas and guidelines to follow if you are thinking about stocking-up on domain names:

  • At 5 to 10 dollars a year, domains are not particularly expensive.
  • Register specialty domains that fit your profession.  A good web hosting company can keep you appraised of top-level domains like these that can be hosted on you account.
  • You can expand your marketing reach by purchasing multiple domain names and forwarding all of them to your existing site.
  • Protect you trademark or business name from cybersquatters.  But keep in mind that your business is not a multi-national bull’s-eye like McDonald’s Corp., which has a real need to register all permutations of its name that it can and the deep pockets to do it.

Practical Real Estate Has Quality Domain Names
Delivering a Superior Return-On-Investment
(Act quickly to get the name that best represents your business!) 

Our domain names are superior because in most cases they describe your region or profession they will generate traffic through their name alone. 

  • They are highly descriptive, easy to find, easy to promote, and easy to remember business names in most cases carry a “dot-com” extension.  Many search engines send  customers to the “dot-com” domain name if a customer forgets to type the extension into the  address bar.  (Your competitor)

  • Internet marketing studies show that promoting a “dot-com” web site is much easier and less  confusing  to potential customers.
  • Internet marketing studies show that a customer may remember the domain name but will often forget the hyphen(s).  Now your customers are going to your competitor’s websites.
  • Our domain names have an average cost of $1.00 to $4.00 per day.  One of the best advertising investments you will ever make. 

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